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Another Great Discovery!

A few weeks ago, I was referred another online selling community for handmade items.  I've been signed with Artfire for a few weeks but never had the chance to play around with it.  They are having a promotion right now allowing all pro account users to invite five friends and receive the discounted price of $12/mo (regularly ($15.95/mo).  I figured me procrastinating was finally a good thing.  I found a pro account user to invite me (since I had no friends that had heard of Artfire) and I signed up immediately.  That was yesterday.  Since then, I've imported all of my Etsy listings, listed a few others (very easy to do), customized my studio, joined their Guilds (groups), chatted in peer forums, got a little jump start on my blog, and started on my previous order gallery.  Plus, they have the same great referral program as Zibbet - for every premium account you refer, you get $1 taken off of your monthly fee. And of course it's free to list and free to sell unlimited items.

So, I'm loving Artfire too!

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You could also sign up for the free basic account to get a feel for things first but there are so many more features under the pro account. Well worth it!
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