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New Look! New attitude! New Blog!

Well, the blog got a little bit of pampering yesterday.  I changed everything about it except for the URL.  I even changed the name.  I changed the colors and made a new template from scratch.  Then, I added the buttons and titles to match the theme.  I just didn't think that the old style had enough color.  And although I liked the wide format from before, it didn't allow for a colorful background.  It's my first blog template EVER so, I hope you like it. 

I even changed the name and made the blog more of a personal feel instead of a company feel, which is what it was supposed to be in the first place.  This way, I think it opens it up to broaden the list of topics as well, relating to gift giving and event planning.  I'll be keeping up with the Spotlight Artists since those will also be for gifts and I will be featuring artists regularly.  So, if you are interested in being a part of that, the link has changed.   It's called "Artist Interview".  But I'll also be writing about DIY gift ideas to save time and money and to get the kids involved.  And I hope to share some of my photography tips as well - since photos do make the best gifts.

Now, I'd like to get going with some regularly scheduled articles.  I know there are the popular Wordless Wednesdays and Follow Fridays.  What better way to find out which scheduled articles are favorites than to ask my readers?  I'm taking ideas and suggestions.

I hope everyone has a Happy and SAFE Memorial Day weekend.  And if you get a chance, I am still hosting the giveaway for the Set of Four 23 oz Pilsner Glasses in honor of Dads.  This ends today and I'll pick the winner tomorrow with the help of

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  1. The new blog looks lovely!And I saw your store sites as well....Love your products

  2. Thank you both so much! There is still so many things I want to do with the setup of it too.

  3. I like the butterflies!! The colors are great, too! Another cool meme is Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop on Thursdays...check that one out for sure - it's a big one!

  4. Lovely blog colors! When I read the title of your blog I thought it had something to do with Microsoft PictureIt...that is the photo editing program I fall back on when Photoshop overwhelms me!


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