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Monday Mayhem

Happy Monday (in my Eeyore tone of voice).  Another weekend that flew right by us.  We made the best of it at least, considering the hellacious storms we had.  Normally, I'm all for a good storm!  I like the thunder and the lighting, the whole thing…..well, except for tornados.  We didn't get any touch downs in our immediate area from what I heard.  But it rained pretty good every day this weekend.

Saturday, my husband went to our other property to catch up on some farming.  I know, can you believe it, we're still trying to put seeds in the ground?!?!  He just finished up on the garden here at the house too.  Anyway, I kind of lounged around and I did get to go out and do a little browsing.

Yesterday, we finally took our boat out for the first time this season.  Hubs has been there with my son but they just cleaned it up.  We have it docked on the Detroit River for the summer.  We're used to Lake Michigan and Lake Huron up by Mackinac Island and Cheboygan.  When you leave the harbor and reach the lake, you just take off, no worries of depth.  Well, Detroit River….way different!  We were slowly putting around 15-20 feet depth and than all of a sudden 2-4 feet.  So, Hubs wants another toy for the boat - a chart plotter.  That way when we find ourselves in 2 feet of water, we're not nervous of which way to go to get out of it.  So, we didn't stay out too long but, we did manage to catch a little of the Red Bull Air Races.  We're were a little further down but some of the planes came our way.  We're looking forward to the Hydroplaning races next month.  The start/finish line is right at our Marina.  And I…um…won't forget my camera this time.

^^^Not bad taken from my blackberry, I suppose^^^

Don't forget, the giveaway is still going on for PictureIt Creation's 25 oz. Beer Mug at Faerie Moon Creations where she featured myself and another artist, Stil Novo.  It really is a great read for some great Father's Day Gifts.  Entry information is spelled out in the post as well.

Faerie Moon Creations 

The Father's Day Sale ends on the 10th.  There is an extra 15% off for all gifts under the Father's Day sections of my shops.  If its not automatically applied, feel free to use he coupon code: DAD2010 to apply the discount.

I am working on updating my website (  I use Yahoo! Sitebuilder for making my site - and it's more than a little pain in the rear end. I was trying to work on the next big section of my shop (to be revealed at a later date) and the software took a poop on me.  So, I uninstalled and reinstalled the updated version and re-imported my site from the WWW.  Well, only pieces of it came back to me and I had to manually put everything else back together.  Anyway, unfortunately, there may be some broken or missing links.  If you run across any, please let me know.

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