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I'm Back!!!

I know I’ve been missing from the blog world for quite a few months. This summer/fall was a busy one! It was difficult juggling 2 companies, 3 kids and all of the summer/fall activities that come along with it. So, I decided, I’d put the blog on a bit of a hiatus.

So, the things I’ve been up to since June…My twins turned 2 in July. We threw them a party and had everyone over. The party was another big hit, especially with the bounce house we had rented for the weekend. And with the big 2, comes toddler beds and potty training. Both of which we are still struggling with. They aren’t doing TOO bad with the toddler beds. They still sleep through the night, it’s just getting them to stay in bed when we put them there. Some nights can become an hour battle. Potty training…*sigh*….we’ve started and given up a few times. I think we’re making progress with my daughter most of the time. My son is very clear on his opinion on potty training. I won’t even start to work/fight with him until I have my daughter trained….maybe with any luck, she will set some sort of example for him. As far as the terrible twos, I guess I’m used to it. That starts around 18 months or so these days and even earlier with an older child. Good Times!

I enrolled my oldest son in school. This was so much harder on me than it was for him. He took to school so great and, a few months into it, he still loves it. He’s making friends and learning things at such a phenomenal pace. I am so proud of him. He’s a preschooler and already starting to sound out, read and spell words. I thought I had a little bit of time left to write or spell out those keywords you don’t ever want your kids to hear in conversation…i.e. “After dinner, did you want to order I-C-E-C-R-E-A-M?” Of course, those are the words he’s learned to spell first. So, he’s the first voice to excitedly yelp “YeS”. He also had his first fundraiser. He was helping to raise money for his school to pay for school supplies. We made a few stops, including my dad’s work where he kicked butt in sales. He did so awesome, he won top seller at his school and we will be packing our family up and taking them to Kalahari Water Resort in Sandusky, Ohio. I know the kid is determined to be a firefighter, but if that doesn’t pan out, he just might have a little bit of sales in blood.

Then, our big BIG surprise of the summer….we’re expecting our fourth child. I definitely didn’t see this one coming. Our newest bundle of joy will be here in April of 2011. We haven’t found out if it’s a boy or a girl yet (a few more weeks for the ultrasound) but we (including the kids) are excited for the new addition. I’m 17 weeks now and so happy to finally be past the dreaded first trimester. Out of all three of the pregnancies, this one was the worst first trimester I’ve ever had. And of course, it’s impossible to just curl up and sleep those three months away when I have to chase the other three kids around. This was one of those times we put a halt to potty training the twins. Oh, and to cure everyone’s curiosity, there is only ONE baby this time.

So, since I’m back, I’m planning to update the blog regularly and get going with those artist interviews again. My blogging habits will end up somewhere on my New Years Resolutions list for 2011.

In the mean time, feel free to catch me on Twitter and Facebook too!

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  1. Its really great, this blog has got really very great article.

  2. Congratulations on baby (to-be) #4! I'm just popping in from the Friday hop & now following your lovely blog. Stop by when you get a chance!

    living well, spending less

  3. Social Parade blog surfing. I am your newest follower. Please stop by Mom to Bed by 8 ( and do the same for me!

  4. Thank you! I'm sure I'll be keeping you all updating on the baby throughout the pregnancy too. I'm heading to follow you all back now. :) Have a great weekend (or what's left of it).

  5. Thank you! I'm sure I'll be keeping you all updating on the baby throughout the pregnancy too. I'm heading to follow you all back now. :) Have a great weekend (or what's left of it).


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