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Featured Item: Black Marble 5x7" Photo Frame

This isn't your ordinary picture frame!  This 5x7" Photo Frame is constructed of polished black marble.  Laser engraving shows a crisp white image whether it be your text, clipart or logos.  And can be enjoyed in horizontal or vertical position.

Find this frame on Artfire today for 15% off. Coupon Code: ETCHSTONE
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Attention Etsians & Artisans!!!!

As you all know, I'm a new premium seller on Zibbet.  They have a great referral program!  For every Premium Account referral you bring in, you get $1 off of your monthly bill.  I have need 5 more referrals to have a free Zibbet Premium account for life!!!

So, I am giving away a free photo engraved 29x50mm dogtag, with free shipping and with a free accessory to the next four Premium accounts that sign up using my referral link.  Unlimited engraving - so you can have a photo on one side, text on the other or 2 photos, whatever you want!  The dogtag also comes gift boxed if you want to give it as a gift.

Zibbet is practically giving away their Premium accounts for $8/mo.  They have less than 500 of these accounts left at the reduced rate.  So sign up today!

Sign up for Zibbet today and claim your Free Gift!
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Featured Item: Black Marble Tiles

Today's featured item is a popular item for anyone.  These polished black marble tiles are beautifully engraved with text, clipart, logos and of course, photos!  Laser engraving leaves a white image for high contrast to the black marble.  Each tile also comes with a wooden stand for easy and immediate display.

These black marble tiles come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  You can choose from Square, Rectangle, Oval, Circles and a Heart.

These marble tiles are sure to get attention as your home decor as it stands out from the traditional photo frames.

Customers have used these tiles in a number of ways:
♦Attached to pet urns as a photo memorial
♦Hanging on a wall with plate hangers
♦Stepping or Memorial stones for a garden

Black marble is an excellent material for outdoor memorials.  The engraving is permanent and will not wash off or wear away in the weather.   While it's went, it does lose some contrast in the image, however it comes back as it quickly dries off.

Find Marble Tiles in our ArtFire studio today!  Don't forget to enter ETCHSTONE as the coupon code at check out for the 15% discount.
Arfire Studio

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Have you seen these?

Oh, I love these baby pom pom hats!  I'm going to have to get one for my new baby photo shoots!

Here's where you can find them!
Baby Pom Pom Hats
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Featured Item: Engraved Marble Coasters

Happy Monday to Everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend!

Today, I started a sale on my Artfire account for all Engraved Marble Gift Items.  So, I will be featuring an item every day pertaining to the sale.  You can visit the Artfire Studio at

Today's featured item is a personal favorite of mine.  This is a black marble coaster set.  The set includes 4 coasters and the storage caddy.

Our Marble items can be photo engraved.  I have sold several sets over the last couple years.  They really do make great gifts from housewarming to Christmas, these can be treasured forever.  The engraving will never fade or wear off. 

For Christmas in 2008, I made a set for each Grandparent from my kids.  Each coaster showcased a different grandchild.  I had to make an extra coaster for my mom for her step-granddaughter to have a coaster also.  If extra coasters are needed, that is not a problem.  Five fit comfortably in the caddy.

I also had a large order of coasters this past Christmas season for 100 coasters.  The client was passing them out to his employees as a company gift and he wanted each coaster with their logo on it.

Find this item on Artfire today!
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Giveaway: $50 Gift Certificate

I need more twitter followers.  When I reach 1000 followers, I will be giving away a US $50.00 Gift Certificate to a follower.  To enter, follow @Justpictureit or and tweet:

Hey @Justpictureit needs more followers! Follow and RT to enter to win a US $50.00 Gift Certificate. 
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Etsy Treasury: Pink & Green

I love the colors pink and green together (obviously :P).  But besides the fact that those colors are plastered all over my website and blog, they remind me of spring, birds chirping in the morning and long days spent outside.  Here is a beautiful spring-like treasury brought to you by Etsy....Enjoy!

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Featured Artist: DeanDesigns

Have you ever seen a Purskey from DeanDesigns?

Made in all different colors and themes, these Purskeys are made to fit your style.  Show them off as a keychain, a purse charm or as an addition to a wedding bouquet.

DeanDesigns also handcrafts bracelets and other jewelry to compliment your Purskey.

Definitely a hot pick for Mother's Day!

You can find DeanDesigns on the web here:
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Another Great Discovery!

A few weeks ago, I was referred another online selling community for handmade items.  I've been signed with Artfire for a few weeks but never had the chance to play around with it.  They are having a promotion right now allowing all pro account users to invite five friends and receive the discounted price of $12/mo (regularly ($15.95/mo).  I figured me procrastinating was finally a good thing.  I found a pro account user to invite me (since I had no friends that had heard of Artfire) and I signed up immediately.  That was yesterday.  Since then, I've imported all of my Etsy listings, listed a few others (very easy to do), customized my studio, joined their Guilds (groups), chatted in peer forums, got a little jump start on my blog, and started on my previous order gallery.  Plus, they have the same great referral program as Zibbet - for every premium account you refer, you get $1 taken off of your monthly fee. And of course it's free to list and free to sell unlimited items.

So, I'm loving Artfire too!

Register on

You could also sign up for the free basic account to get a feel for things first but there are so many more features under the pro account. Well worth it!
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Paperweight Doubles as a Trophy

I immediately loved the idea of this order when it came in.  A local customer requested that her Black Marble Chisel Edged Paperweight be engraved to act as a trophy for a Euchre Tournament.  She created an image using the card as the base theme.  She added in her own text and fonts to create the perfect award!

You can find these paperweights/trophies here:

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Sneak Peek - Champagne Flutes

Lots of orders to work on this week!  We’re quickly approaching the Wedding season.  So, we’ve got a few Champagne flute orders for bride and groom and also a couple large orders for the groomsmen (25 oz. Beer Mugs and 23 oz. Pilsner Glasses).  Here’s a peek!

This is a set of toasting flutes for a bride and groom that designed their own wedding logo.  I was able to convert the image to an engraving file and create a truly unique set of Toasting Champagne Flutes for their wedding this May. 

Get your Champagne Flute set today!  Perfect for wedding and anniversary gifts!

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Spring is in the air!

It seems like just a couple weeks ago, we were recovering from 2009 and celebrating 2010. Now, here we are, half way through March already? Don’t get me wrong, I love the warmer weather, the birds chirping in the morning, grilling out. I’m not complaining but my schedule is about to fill up fast with birthday parties, family reunions and holidays. Don’t forget that Mother’s Day is just around the corner and of course Father’s Day immediately following. It seems a little early to be thinking about it still, but with everything going on, it’s not a bad idea to plan ahead.

Visit our website to keep up with the hottest gifts for Mom and Dad this year. We’ll be featuring some new and popular items and of course big SALES!

We are also quickly approaching what I like to call the Wedding season. If you are attending or a part of a wedding this season, now is the time to contact us for personalized gifts for the bridal party, parents of the bride and groom or personalized favors for the guests.
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