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Folks! We have a winner!

First, I want to thank everyone to participated in the Pilsner Glass Giveaway.  I am happy to announce the winner of this giveaway is:

and she said:
"I tweeted this giveaway. (entry 3) ~leela"

Congratulations! I'll catch up with you via email or twitter to get your engraving information. 

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New Look! New attitude! New Blog!

Well, the blog got a little bit of pampering yesterday.  I changed everything about it except for the URL.  I even changed the name.  I changed the colors and made a new template from scratch.  Then, I added the buttons and titles to match the theme.  I just didn't think that the old style had enough color.  And although I liked the wide format from before, it didn't allow for a colorful background.  It's my first blog template EVER so, I hope you like it. 

I even changed the name and made the blog more of a personal feel instead of a company feel, which is what it was supposed to be in the first place.  This way, I think it opens it up to broaden the list of topics as well, relating to gift giving and event planning.  I'll be keeping up with the Spotlight Artists since those will also be for gifts and I will be featuring artists regularly.  So, if you are interested in being a part of that, the link has changed.   It's called "Artist Interview".  But I'll also be writing about DIY gift ideas to save time and money and to get the kids involved.  And I hope to share some of my photography tips as well - since photos do make the best gifts.

Now, I'd like to get going with some regularly scheduled articles.  I know there are the popular Wordless Wednesdays and Follow Fridays.  What better way to find out which scheduled articles are favorites than to ask my readers?  I'm taking ideas and suggestions.

I hope everyone has a Happy and SAFE Memorial Day weekend.  And if you get a chance, I am still hosting the giveaway for the Set of Four 23 oz Pilsner Glasses in honor of Dads.  This ends today and I'll pick the winner tomorrow with the help of

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Car Decals

I have been offering vinyl decals for businesses, cars and homes for a few months.  My husband and I actually started another company strictly for signage.  But with the wedding orders rolling in, I haven't been able to set things up entirely for their website, facebook, blog, etc.  But the ideas for decals are always coming to me. Here are two ideas I actually put together today so everyone else can visualize too.

What do you think?  Does anyone have any other suggestions? 

I know the one isn't personalized like what I normally do.  But it could say anything "inside" really. And I figured with the awareness ribbon, I could make it any color awareness ribbon needed.

By the way, if you're interested in becoming a fan of the new signage company, here's the link.  I'll be posting a few other jobs I've done recently up there as well.
Dynamic Sign Company
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CLOSED Giveaway: Set of Four Custom Engraved 23 oz. Pilsner Glasses

I have three wedding orders for Pilsner glasses I need to engrave and get out this weekend.  My luck lately, is that I receive a large order, like these 23 oz. Pilsner glasses.  I ordered the glasses from my vendor plus a little extra to give room for error and have some left over for future orders.  The day they arrive, I get two more smaller orders of Pilsner glasses - not enough to make ordering them worth it when you add in shipping.  So, I check pricing online and drag my 3 kids to these stores to scout out the best price plus the store that has enough in stock.  Not only did I find more than plenty in stock at the first stop, but they were much cheaper and no shipping.  So, I bought more than needed! 

I'm rubbing off some of my good luck to one lucky person.  I'm giving away a set of 4 custom engraved 23 oz. Pilsner Glasses absolutely free (retails for $56.99), US Shipping included.  These things are the most popular groomsmen gifts this wedding season.  But they are also great for housewarming gifts and birthday gifts.  Don't forget Dad's big day is coming up.  Father's Day is June 20th!


These glasses are fully customizable.  I can engrave text, clipart and/or your favorite logos on these glasses.  I will gladly prepare proofs for you as well and even test engraves if necessary.  You can view our fonts list at to get started on designing your winning glasses. :)

Enter now and tell all of your friends, followers and fans!  Contest ends Sunday, May 30th.  I'll use on Monday, May 31st to pick a winner.  Winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email or another random commenter will be chosen.

You can find these pilsners at any of my shops listed here:

How to enter:
****Please leave your email address in each comment also so I know how to contact you if you win.****
  1. MANDATORY (1 entry): Visit any of my shops and leave a comment below telling me what you might like to purchase in the future and for whom. (Links listed above)
  2. (2 entries - leave two separate comments) "Like" PictureIt Creations on facebook
  3. (2 entries - leave two separate comments) Follow me on twitter.
  4. (5 entries - leave five separate comments) Tweet about this giveaway and leave a link to your tweet (Only 1 tweet per hour please) "I entered to win a set of Engraved Pilsner Glasses from @Justpictureit. You can too! "
  5. (2 entries - leave two separate comments) Become a follower of my blog.
  6. (3 entries - leave three separate comments) Grab my button and put it on your blog.  Leave me a link to your blog as well.
  7. (5 entries - leave five separate comments) Blog about this giveaway and leave a link to your blog.
  8. (10 entries - leave ten separate comments) Make a purchase from any of my online shops
Good Luck!
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A week to plan a 4 Year Old Birthday Party...

My son will be 4 next week.  Its so hard to picture him as a "kid" since to me, he is still my baby.  He's at the age where he's now choosing his birthday theme instead of relying on me to choose from Mickey Mouse or Handy Manny.

So, this year, he went with the Monster Jam Theme.  He LOVES Monster Jam, more specifically, Grave Digger.  But he is starting to get into Blue Thunder and Monster Mutt, but Grave Digger will always be a favorite.  So, with that in mind, I leisurely make a trip to the party store.  After all, they would have Monster Jam theme, right?  WRONG!  Every store I've called, most don't even have a balloon.  A week left until his birthday party and not a monster truck napkin or plate to be found!

I decide to order a Monster Truck moonwalk for the backyard.  I'm so excited about it and even Conner is really excited about it.  I call to order, that one is the most popular and it's booked for weeks in advance. :(  So, we settled on the Space Ship moonwalk....maybe he won't notice??? 

I was going to make Monster Jam temporary tattoos with the tattoo paper at Michaels, but they were out.  There is still time. I'm going to try to find these babies again tomorrow.

I quickly order a Grave Digger pinata online.  This will be exciting for him since he's never seen one. Thankfully, it arrived on time too! :)  And it looks cool!

So, I'm creative, I can figure something out....I have to.  I have a Grave Digger pinata with a Spaceship Moonwalk. Then, it hits me!  I don't do this often but I can make rubber stamps.  So, I take an image of the famous Grave Digger and turn him into rubber!  And Voila!  Grave Digger is on my coordinating purple and green napkins (colors of Grave Digger).  I was going to make goodie bags with the same stamp, but at the last second I found a store with limited Monster Jam party supplies.  

So, here are the final napkins!  I'm quite proud of them, being a last minute idea that happened to work.  And not only that, my husband, who usually doesn't have much to say about anything called them "Sweet!" :D  When I get a second to sit down, most likely after the party this weekend, I will be listing these custom rubber stamps for people to use for weddings, birthdays and baby showers.  No need to mapquest all of the party supply stores in the tri-state area looking for enough coordinated supplies for one party!  Get a custom stamp and your napkins, cups, etc. and P-A-R-T-Y!

I should note that this isn't with any ordinary inks pads for the napkins.  The brand "StazOn" inkpad is the way to go. I'm not sure if there is another brand of the same ink but, StazOn is known to not bleed and make a gross looking image over time and it will not make a mess on your hands and face when you use the napkin. I've tested with 3 different ink pad brands and StazOn really works.

And just to throw this in...I did make his invites also...according to theme!  A Monster Jam All Access Pass ticket for our of our guests!  I still have shopping to do but I will be putting toy Monster Trucks as his cake toppers too.

Happy 4th Birthday Oosah! I wub you!
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Enter to win a $25 Gift Certificate from Vintage Pearl

Hop on over to A Mama Stork Knows to win a gift certificate to The Vintage Pearl.  They have a wide variety of beautiful, one of a kind sterling silver jewelry.
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Etsy, Artfire & Zibbet...Oh My!

There is always a debate in any community you're a part of.  For photographers, it's Canon vs. Nikon.  Social Networks, it's Facebook vs. Myspace.  etc etc. For the handmade community, there is a big talk about which is better to sell on, which brings in more traffic, with Etsy, Artfire and Zibbet.

I remember signing up with Etsy about a year ago.  My mom seen it mentioned on Good Morning America and called me right away to tell me.  I missed the report on it but I was on the internet looking it up within minutes.  At the time, I was only selling on my website and on eBay.  I was very disgusted with eBay at the time because of their pricing schedules and their new policies.  So, the thought of paying a flat $.20 per listing and a minimal final value fee was like a breath of fresh air to me.  I started off slow, just as I did when I started with eBay, start with a couple listings to see if I get any bites.  Then add a few more and a few more.  I was afraid of putting too much money into it and not get anything out of it.  So, that way, obviously took me a while to get started.  But as I started adding more, I noticed I got more contacts through Etsy than I did on eBay and eventually the sales weren't even close.  I'm so happy to say I've gotten rid of eBay as of a couple months ago.  I'll probably go back around Christmas time and snag some sales for the holidays too.

I'm not exactly sure how I heard about Zibbet but it didn't take me long to sign up for $7/mo and start accumulating referrals to get closer to my free premium account for life.  In efforts to find my referrals for Zibbet, someone mentioned Artfire to me.  Again, I found someone with a coupon code for a discounted price at Artfire and within days, I had a premium account.  I'm a bit of impulse buyer you can say but, I don't feel bad since the fees for my three accounts don't come close to the monthly fees I was paying with eBay alone.

I want to know what you think.  Do you prefer Etsy, Artfire, Zibbet or something else?  Why?  What are your favorites of either one of them?

Where do you prefer to sell handmade online?
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You know I love personalized jewelry...

So, I'm letting you in on a giveaway over at Mama Stork's blog.  It's for this gorgeous necklace....Perfect for Mother's Day...hint hint (it's next weekend).

Read more The Taffy Box and her jewelry plus, enter the contest at A Mama Stork Knows

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