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Weekend Featured Shop: Soap Delicatessen

I have contemplated trying and possibly changing the soap that I use on a regular basis from the commercially produced soaps to the handmade soaps for some time now.  One of the blogs I follow wrote a feature on the Soap Delicatessen.  After reading that she entered into the soap making world because of her own sensitive skin, I figured the Soap Delicatessen was a good candidate to try out all natural soaps and lotions.

Within a few days of my order, I received
the package in the mail.  As soon as the envelope was opened, I could smell the fragrant raspberry vanilla bar soap I had purchased.  You can definitely tell the difference between the Soap Delicatessen and Irish Spring.  It's a sturdy soap that lathers nice and feels silky and leaves your skin feeling moisturized.

I also had ordered Strawberry Champagne Goat Milk Lotion. I have been using that since it arrived as well.  It's a soft lotion that also has the perfect fragrance - not too overpowering.  A little really does go a long way.

Since becoming a mom, I have starting getting patches of eczema, one being on my right ring finger.  Since using the Soap Delicatessen products, it has smoothed out and doesn't bother me at all.  Coincidence?  Probably too early to tell but, I've made the switch.

You can find Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen on her online shop, facebook and Etsy.

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  1. Thank you so much for your review! How sweet of you! XO

  2. You're so welcome! I am already thinking of which one I'm going to try next. :)

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    Voted on the fence. If you link up here. I will vote for you once a day the month of July. You just need to follow on gfc. twitter and facebook.

    I will probably be putting a link up for August also.

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