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Remembering 9/11

Can you believe it's been 10 years already?  Its been 10 years since so many lives were affected.  It's been 10 years since America was changed forever. 

I remember I had just had what I thought was a chaotic weekend with my fiance and a few of our friends.  We were supposed to be gone for just the weekend but the events unfortunately led us to miss work on that Monday.  So, Tuesday, when I finally made it into work, I was telling the girls at the office about my Sand dune/broken trucks/tornado filled weekend when my boss ran back to our department with small TVs.  When he first turned on the TV, I seen smoke coming from the first tower that was hit.  I remember being a little confused because people were saying it was an accident and some were saying it wasn't.  And to be honest, I was 19 and didn't even know anything about the World Trade Center until that day.  Our eyes were glued to the TV waiting for confirmation of the cause as we seen the second plane hit the second tower.  That was our confirmation!  

Such a horrific day!  All of those events on 9/11 have forever left an imprint on America and our hearts.  I've been watching specials lately on TV about the heroes of 9/11.  And I love hearing the specific details of the firefighters on the ground to Frank Di Martini and Pablo Ortiz featured on TLC's "9/11: Heroes of the 88th Floor", to Todd Beamer on United Airlines Flight 93 and his famous last words, "Let's Roll". But, I have to say, watching all of the dramatizations and footage from that day is just as hard to watch today as it was then.  I still get a little choked up watching the twin towers falling and my family wasn't even directly affected by the day's events.

My thoughts and prayers go out to those who have suffered and experienced great loss on 9/11.  Our loved ones and heroes will never be forgotten.  God Bless America!

Do you remember where you were when America was changed forever?
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  1. Thank you for sharing your story and our thoughts go out to everyone affected on this tragic day. - Bicultural Mama

  2. Hi found your blog through monday mingle. Beautiful post. It still brings tears to my eyes. Natasha x

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I wrote a post about my 9-11 day too. It's one we'll never forget.

    Thanks for stopping by the Midweek Hopalong! I'm a new follower! Hope to see you again this week! :)

  4. I was at home, just woke up, it was a gorgoeous day. I started flipping through channels and there it was. It didn't register with me at first, I was actually more concerned about where my shows were. Then I turned to MTV and saw it there and that's when it hit me. If it's on MTV something aint right. I was like you, 22 years old and not real familliar with the Trade Center. When I realized what had happened, I was in utter shock. When I look at the pictures now it is so haunting. Sunday I watched the History channel all day, they had a lot of amazing stories. I get choked up still also. Thank you for this post.

    I am following you through the blog hop, please feel free to follow back

  5. No one can ever or should ever forget what happened 10 years old. That was an such an unspeakable act!

    My 3rd or 4th cousin died when the Pentagon was hit. I didn't know her, but my heart sank a little deeper that day when I learned the news.

    The footage or memorial services still evoke tears of sorrow and gratitude for those lost in the tragedy and for those who served tiredlessly in the rescue attempts of the survivors.

    Todd Beamer's words, "Let's Roll" has been immortalized in our hearts. I say, "Let freedom roll!" That's what they did that day. They allowed their constitutional rights as American to choice to express their freedom in a heroic fashion by bringing Flight 93 down on their terms NOT the terrorist's hate-filled agenda.

    God bless America! God bless the victims families! God bless the heros on that fatal day!

    Hopping over from Wayback Wednesday!

  6. Oh man, I'll never forget that day. I am horrible at remembering details of my day, but that day, I'll remember every.single.moment like it was yesterday. Tragic, heartbreaking...
    God Bless America.
    Following from the hop. Would love a follow back! Thanks so much! Have a great weekend!


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