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Tag*a*long Review & #Rafflecopter Giveaway

Grocery shopping has always been a struggle for me since I've had the twins and even more now, since having my 4th.  I've always tried to run my errands after my husband was home from work and able to be with the kids for a while.  Conner, being 5, he is able to walk along side me without a problem and Noah rides comfortably in his carrier.  The twins, 3, are still at the age where they wander and can't help but to run circles around me as I go up and down the aisles.  Do I try to keep them close while shopping or try to put everyone in the shopping cart with no room for actual groceries?

And then came the Tag*a*long. I was so happy to be able to grocery shop when I have to, and not have to find someone to sit with the kids. The Tag*a*long easily attaches
to the shopping cart (without tools) anywhere you prefer have you child walking along side the cart.  It keeps your child close while keeping their toes from underneath the wheels of the shopping cart.  I also like the fact that my daughter was holding on to the washable tag*a*long instead of the dirty shopping cart.  

If you have a small handful of children (like I do), it's perfect.  You could attach a few tag*a*longs a shopping cart, 2 on a stroller or backpack.  Even if you only have one child, it's great to get them in the habit of staying close when you're out with them.

It's not just for the grocery store either.  We used it while going for a walk when I attached it to Noah's stroller.  Last week, I even attached it to the handle of the wagon so the kids switched from riding or walking.  You could even attach it to your diaper bag or purse if you don't have equipment with you.  It's small and easy to keep handy in your diaper bag, purse or glove compartment.

I received a purple tag*a*long for review and my daughter, Kassadi, was ecstatic because it's her favorite it wasn't hard to talk her into holding on to it either.  She really felt like a big girl being able to walk next to Mommy.  Of course, you can't give one twin something and not the other, so I'll be ordering the blue one for Gavin right away.

The Tag*a*long was designed by a Mom and Dad  and made in America.  It is also available in various suppliers in Mexico, Canada, Australia, Spain, Japan and Scandanavia.  If needed, it's easy to wipe clean with a wet towel or wipe, it's lead and BPA free and meets the CPSC standards. 

Buy It
You can buy your tag*a*long(s) in your child's favorite color at various retailers worldwide for $9.99 plus shipping.  View your purchasing options here.

Win It
Tag*a*long kids is now offering a tag*a*long to one lucky reader in the color of their choice.  YOU could be the winner, just follow the instructions below in the rafflecopter widget. 

I received a tag*a*long for free to personally review.  These opinions are of my own.  There was no monetary compensation for this review.
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  1. Hey! Found you through the Wild Weekend Hop!! I've never seen these Tag-a-long things before. I have a feeling my daughter would have nothing to do with it. My son was such a calm, laid back child, but not my daughter! She a whirlwind of trouble. lol


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