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SuperPoints Invites with Sign Up Bonuses

The SuperLucky Button has been giving me more invite tokens today.  Use the one below for a 25 point sign up bonus.  

Use the one below for a 50 point sign up bonus.

Hurry!  These invites don't last long.  They are one-time use tokens so, get them before someone else does.

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  1. I love Superpoints... I love that daily email that says you have points! :)
    I am a new follower. Found you in a blog hop. I hope you will return the follow love Thanks

  2. Hello! I'm following you from the Finding New Friends week 31 blog hop! I'm following you through GFC, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    I hope you're having a great weekend!

    Much Love,

    P.S. I love SuperPoints! :)

  3. hi! i'm your newest follower through the blog hop! please stop by when you get the chance! have a great day...

  4. Feel free to spam all of your Superpoints referral links on my blog


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