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Blue Ivy's Big Entrance

I’m sure you’ve heard by now Beyonce and Jay Z have welcomed their new baby girl, Blue Ivy, into their world.

I am normally a big fan of Beyonce, I love her music and I’ve seen interviews where she seems pretty grounded despite her fame and fortune.  Jay Z, I don’t know too much about.

According to a New York Post, Beyonce’s room windows were taped to give her absolute privacy AND they put the whole floor on lock down.  Families who wanted to get in to see their newborns and preemies in the NICU at the Lenox Hill Hospital were forced to wait out Beyonce’s labor.  They even installed bulletproof glass and reportedly spent over $1M to rent out an entire floor for the recovery process.  When I read this, I was completely floored.  Seriously?  We’re talking about Beyonce here, not the royal family. 

I understand Beyonce and Jay Z are big superstars, I get that.  But why couldn’t they just use their own security for the occasion?  Can you imagine if something were to happen to those babies needing their families in the NICU?  One man had preemie twin daughters in the NICU and his family drove 4.5 hours to see them and were told to have a seat downstairs.  I don’t know who I’m more disgusted with, the “I’m-famous-and-get-anything-I-want” attitudes of the new parents, or the hospital that let this happen.

One of the reasons why I am a fan of certain celebrities is how down to earth they are and act more like the rest of the human species.  This way, I can relate to them on some level.   I give them a big thumbs down for this.  Perhaps next time, a home birth with close doctor supervision would be a better option for them.

What are your thoughts?
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  1. I read that as well and thought omgosh thats horrible. But the hospital spokeswoman released a statement this morning that those reports were given out prematurely. Beyonce and Jayz rented a Hospital suit which anyone is allowed to do. no one including celebrities are ever allowed to reserve an entire hospital floor. She went on to say that no one was stopped from seeing their children, the hospital security redirected people to keep down on confusion. They had everyone's interest in mind. Sad to say it, but i think this is just another case of people using a celebrities name to get their ten or fifteen minutes of fame. At a time she should be allowed to enjoy her new born child, especially after suffering a previous miscarriage,she is bombarded by bad press.I wish them the best and hope the gossip and bad press will die down soon, I think a lot more important things are going on than Beyonce and Jay Z's baby girl.

  2. Ok, I hadn't heard about the hospital statement until now. I stand corrected. :) What about the renovating the hospital to have bullet proof glass? I couldn't find any confirmation on that.

    I also wish them the best as they enter into parenthood. I forgot to mention, I am eager to see an updated family photo too.

  3. I'm more inclined to believe some of the compaints from staff and visitors than not. Of course the spokesperson would say this, as the hospital and Beyonce and Jay Z are now getting bad press. Why would they have to redirect anyone from coming in a area reserved for people who pay for suites? I doubt those suites are located in a area just anyone would have access to. And if they were the hospital should have been better prepared.

  4. Celebrities or not, in the end people are people. Choices, responses and real life situations reveal who they are when no one else is looking. Or when the whole world is looking, from a distance. I have known a number of extremely wealthy people. Some gracious and humble, some not. Crass is as crass does. Just my 2 cents.

  5. I honestly don't care.
    yes they're celebrities, but they also don't seem like the type to do everything that's been in the media. It was even wrong that she was born via c-section so exactly how many other things are wrong?!

    They released a statement saying when she was born and that it was natural and the hospital said the reports are false, just like someone posted above.

    You'll never hear the WHOLE story when it comes to celebrities and beyonce and jay-z are private people, so why start being drama queens now?

  6. Michelle I love your comment!! and Taryn wow someone said they renovated the hospital!! People make up so many stories its crazy. Like Michelle said for so many years you could hardly find anything about their relationship and they are just now sharing a small portion of their wedding video with fans after ten years. So I doubt they would choose now to go crazy and become Divas.

    1. Yes, I read (I believe from the New York Post) that months prior to the birth, the hospital was being renovated with bullet proof glass and tinted windows to prevent their privacy during their stay.

  7. I tend to agree more with Catherine's comment above. I realize there is a lot that we will never know for sure. But I doubt that father was lying about being kept from his children in the NICU. Of course the hospital is going to try to cover themselves.

    Just wanted to say I am stopping by from the Alexa hop again. This time I DID have trouble with your page not wanting to load properly. Last time wasn't an issue. Not sure why.

    1. Thanks for stopping by from The Alexa Hop - and thanks for reminding me I have to get my rounds in one more time this week :)

  8. I think both sides may be dramatizing a little. But, I find it hard to believe that a stressed new parent with twins in the NICU would be worried about his 15 minutes of fame. There must have been something happened to make these parents feel, in some way, that they didn't matter for them to say anything.


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