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I'm trying to win and iPad, please help!

I am clicking my way to get an iPad for my husband.  I joined SuperPoints a couple of months ago and I'm already up to $50.  But, I want to get moving on this and earn as much as I can towards this iPad.  His birthday is in a couple of weeks and he is working out of town and I'd love to surprise him with this for a birthday/coming home gift from the kids and I.

Here is where I need your help!! SuperPoints gives credits for referrals.  Just today, I was given a 50 point invite code.  For the first person to sign up with SuperPoints using the invite below, they will receive 50 points just for signing up, verifying your email address and filling out your profile information.

I am a Platinum member so, every point you earn on the SuperLucky Button, I do too!  When you sign up, you automatically get 30 SuperLucky Button clicks a day.  That is 30 chances to win credits towards your own iPad, iPod, Paypal cash, gift cards, etc.  Once you have 2 referrals, you get 50 clicks a day and at 5 referrals, you get 100 clicks a day.  If you miss out on the 50 point code above, you can use one of these codes below. 

There are other ways to earn credits to your SuperPoints accounts with surveys to take, videos to watch and emails to click on.  I am not bombarded with emails from SuperPoints.  I get one a day, 2 on some days with extra points.  And, it only takes me a couple minutes a day to check my email (which I do anyway) and get my clicks in.  So, it's like earning prizes for doing almost nothing!

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