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New Years Goals, Rev:1

So, it's the 3rd day into the new year, and I'm already revising my 2012 goals.  We are getting off to a good start already!

We had some paperwork that was due to be turned in today.  Just a few documents, shouldn't be a problem, right?  Wrong!! I spent all day going through boxes and never did find everything we needed.  Then, when I was helping my son with his homework, he needed a baby picture of himself. I thought "Hey, I spotted the perfect picture in that box downstairs", and of course, I am back to sifting through paperwork with no success.

We haven't completely recovered and gotten settled from our move a couple of months ago.  Now that the holidays are over, I think it's time to get this chaos into some sort of order.

So, I am adding to my Goals List: GET ORGANIZED!!!  This one has moved to the top of the list and is starting tomorrow.  Here is the game plan:

☛ I'm getting a printer/scanner combo with a document feeder and all paperwork will be scanned.  Sifting through digital paperwork is so much easier!

☛ I'm getting a really good shredder.  No more cheapy ones that go bad when you try to sneak in 2 pages instead of one at a time.

☛ All paperwork that you need originals for will be filed away into hanging folders with printed labels.

☛ I'm going to organize the pictures we have and in some way keep them protected.  I still haven't thought of the best way to do this yet.  How do you handle your photos?

What are your tips for getting (and staying) organized?
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  1. I have been working on getting organized as well. Another thought on having digital documents is to purchase flash drives to store them on so you don't take up as much room on your computer. You can usually pick them up at Walmart inexpensively. You could have one for personal items such as letters, cards, you want to keep and one for expenses, insurances, etc.
    I will be interested in learning how you organize your photos. Mine are in several large Rubbermaid containers. I have tried to sort and organize but can't figure out a method to the madness. You have given me a nudge on this.

  2. Good Point! I need to get a more storage off the computer so it doesn't take up room plus, my computer just crashed over the summer and I thought I lost everything. It really needs to be kept somewhere else anyway.

    My first thought was a big rubbermaid box too. I thought I would get one of those portable filing boxes instead, at least so I can organize the photos a bit, maybe by year.


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