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A Sad Day at the office

After nearly 5 years, my laser engraver has engraved it’s last piece.  Today, I was finally able to open up the back and confirm my worst fears. The glass tube (the heart of the machine) was busted.  The reason why this happened is, and will always, remain unknown.  I turned it on to run an order yesterday, I heard a pop noise and lots of fluid running out of the back (that was my antifreeze leaking).

I’ve got orders pending and so many more things I had planned for this season.  Now, we are looking at all of the different options of getting a new machine in here.  I hope to be up and running again very soon.

Until then, I am still running orders for photo engraved pendants and vinyl decals.  So, if you see my shops becoming bare over the next few days, that is why.  
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  1. Sorry to hear! New follower from the HOP hope you come by and follow :)


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