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[Mother's Day Giveaway Event] Sponsor Spotlight: Journal 10+

We’ve all tried journalizing at some point in our lives.  I have a journal for each pregnancy, a fertility journal, a journal for the kids and all of their milestones and a diet log.  Each of these are, of course, missing huge blocks of time.  You can flip through them and tell when life got too busy.  This doesn’t include the other information you have to keep track of like, hours at work and at what job, mileage, expenses, medicine taken, etc.  Now, the next question…where are they now?

Journal 10+ solves all of these problems with one beautiful, sturdy book.  Yes, I said that right…ONE book.  In the beginning of the Journal 10+, there are pages for looking forward. You can write your short- and long-term goals for life, love and career.  The cover and binding is strong and will last all 10 years and beyond.  Included, it also has 2 ribbon bookmarks to help keep your place from day to day.

You can document over 10 years of daily events.  On the daily pages, you are given 4 lines for each day but a cross reference system to lead you to extra pages in the back if you want more space.   My favorite part of the daily journal pages is that each page is designated for the same date over the 10 years.  So, over the next 10 years, you can look back and see exactly what you did on that date years before.

My kids are growing up so fast and I love to be sent down memory lane by accident.  This could be a daily trip looking back and reading about the first time Noah took steps, the twins’ first day of school or Conner’s first home run.

After the extra journal pages, you’ll find pages to track medical and automobile information for each year. I don’t necessarily need to track automobile information so, this is where I’m going to keep track of the boys’ asthma attacks and my own pancreatitis attacks (I am determined to get this taken care of LONG before 10 years from now).  There is even a place to keep your addresses, phone numbers and special dates in one place.

I am so excited to use my Journal 10+, more particularly after the first year when I can start looking back and seeing how my kids have grown, how my companies have developed and how life has transformed.  I am turning 30 in just a few very short months and I think this is a great start to a new decade.

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Need to get your hands on the Journal 10+ now?  You can buy your last journal for the next 10 years right now on their website.

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Journal 10+ is offering one lucky reader a 2012-2023 version of the Journal 10+.  Stay tuned for the giveaway that will start on May 1 for your chance to win!

I received a 2012-2023 Journal 10+ for review.  All of the opinions in this post are of my own and my differ from others.  There was no monetary compensation for this review.
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