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(Not so) Wordless Wednesday 9/4

I know, I know! It says WORDLESS Wednesday.  But, I can't look at this picture and not comment on how time flies by so quickly.
I officially have 1 second grader, 2 kindergartners and 1 Momma's boy at home.  For 5 years every day, I've had kids hanging on me, climbing on me, making me laugh, cry, smile (and occasionally frustrating me) day in, and day out.  Yesterday, I put three in school full time and sat down to have lunch with ONE child.  I feel more lost right now trying to figure out how to eat and function during the day, than I did when I was learning how to eat and function during the day when the number of kids were increasing.

I take all of these kids everywhere with me, and I always have.  I've heard the question many times, "How do you do it?"  Honestly, I don't have an answer.  It just comes naturally I suppose and almost instantly for me.  This…letting go and letting them grow…does not feel natural and adjusting will certainly not be instant either.  I'm sure I will adjust fine, spoiling my one last baby until it can almost be compared to what his grandmother (my mom) does to him. I'm sure it will be quite a while until I break the habit of talking in silly phrases when speaking to other adults and not having children around as my excuse.  And I am already feeling naked when I step out of my almost-empty, full size van not carrying stuffed animals, toy trucks, dolls and mysterious pieces of garbage at every stop.  I have survived years of the madness they bring so I know I will survive the years they are growing up and becoming beautiful little people.  

And, just for the record, I did not cry with several of the other parents as the long line of the smallest people with biggest hearts and imaginations marched off to take on the best day of their lives (their words, not mine).  :)

Happy Back to School to all students and parents!  

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