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Matilda Jane Giveaway - Ends 2/1

The Binder Ladies was given 2 outfits to facilitate this review.  The thoughts and opinions below were not influenced by any compensation.
The life of a little girl is whimsical. It's majestic, it's silly, energetic, giggly and stylish.  Matilda Jane Clothing takes all of the best qualities in being a little girl, and wraps those ideals into their clothing.  It's about patterns, textures, colors and styles - then jumbling them all up to create something unique and beautiful - just like every young lady that wears them!  With new styles being created twice a year, Matilda Jane clothing gives a fresh approach to getting dressed everyday.  We think of Matilda Jane as being a classier, more modern Pippi Longstocking sort of style!
The current collection, Paint By Numbers, is absolutely precious!  The patterns that are used together in these pieces dance together to make some serious statement outfits.  Our little Review Minions, had the chance to check out this new collection, and review an outfit each.  

Jorja was given the Arctic Ice Majorine Top, Madeline Benny Leggings and the Lauren Rose Headband. To say that Jorja was excited to try this outfit on would be an understatement.   Her birthday just happened to be the day after receiving her new outfit, and guess what she proudly donned as the Birthday Girl?  Her new Matilda Jane outfit!  We asked Jorja some questions about her outfit and here's what she had to say:

1.  What is your favorite part of the outfit?
I like the stars up top and the things that open up on the shirt and the pants. (she's talking about the ruffles)

2.  Do you think your friends would like it?
I think my friends would like it.

3.  Is there anything you don't like about your new outfit?
No. I like the headband too.

4.  Would you wear the top with other pants or skirts?  Or wear the bottoms with other shirts?
No I would wear them all together because I like it all together.
Alexa reviewed the Gallery Leggings, Turtle Dove Knot Dress, and Biscuit Tee.  If ever a little princess belonged in a brand of clothing, it would be Alexa in Matilda Jane!  She's definitely comfy in her new outfit.  We asked Alexa some questions about her outfit, as well:

1.  On a scale of 1 to 10 (ten being you LOVE it and 1 being you HATE it), what would you rate your new outfit?

2.  How do you feel in your new outfit?
I feel pretty and comfy in my new outfit. I like the shirt and pants really alot, because I just like them.

3.  Would you change anything about it?
I only like the birds on the top. I don't like wearing two shirts. I want the birdies on my pants.  

4.  How do you feel when you wear your new outfit?
Good. It makes me want to jump way high to the ceiling...touch the ceiling!

From a grown up point of view, this brand of clothing is definitely a 2 thumbs up.  Matilda Jane Clothes are constructed with high quality fabrics, and wash really nicely.  Not only are the pieces unique and interchangeable, they are stylish and durable, as well!
Beginning 1/20,  we'll be hosting a $50 Matilda Jane Clothing Gift Card Giveaway, so stay tuned!
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Meet Alex and Jorja!  These little princesses are our "Review Minions" and will help us review children's clothing, toys and games.  With wonderful imaginations and strong opinions, you can definitely take their word for it, when they make a statement!

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  1. jodi frasier/lasherJanuary 20, 2014 at 9:55 AM

    My niece is my world. She is so smart and intelligent and just shows how much she loves me every time i see her. She was named after my brother who passed away in 1995.. His son jess never really got to know his dad because he was so young when he died. So jess named his little girl Danilynn after his father Daniel. I love that he did this.

  2. No daughters but my one & only niece Payton, age 12 is the sweetest & smartest girl I know .. she seems to already know what she wants in life, to be a vet or vet assistant:)


  3. My little girl can turn anything into a game. Absolutely anything she makes it fun.

  4. My oldest (5) is very sensitive and artistic - she'll draw for hours every day. My youngest (2) is brave, confident, curious, and *really* good at drawing out strangers and making a connection.

  5. Smart, funny, beautiful & very caring.


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