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About Me

I started this blog to promote my business and many others in the handmade community.  I want to be able to share with my readers the items and artists I’ve discovered.  It was only recently that my eyes opened to a whole new world of gift giving, home d├ęcor, accessorizing and functionality in such a beautiful and affordable way.

A lot of these handmaking friends and followers I've made have inspired me in some way.  This is my way of exposing you to the same goodness these artists have to offer.
I know what it's like to live on a budget.  I hate that B-word, actually.  And I hate coupons and having to remember those little cards to get the better deals at all of these stores.  I promise to use my blog to inform my readers of any sales, giveaways and DIY projects to save money and time regarding gift giving and event planning.

Don’t be shy.  I love comments.  I want to hear your ideas.  Tell me how you would alter the featured items?  What would you want to see from any of the featured shops?  What do you do for a gift in the “Oh $#^?!, that’s TODAY and I forgot to run to the store” moments? 

I’m Taryn. My husband and I have built our family in Southeast Michigan where we were both born and raised.  We became parents in 2006 and we have 4 kids today, our second and third are twins.  After I delivered my first baby into this world, we decided it was wise for me to stay home with the kid.  So, I put my accounting degree away in the back of the closet and gladly walked away from my job at the time.  I took this as a way to re-discover that creative, artsy, carefree part of me that I lost in the all of the finance and bookkeeping lifestyle.  A few short months later, PictureIt Creations was born, my unofficial second child.
In addition to a mom, wife, business owner and homemaker, I am also attending school at New York Institute of Photography. I am taking their home based business courses.  Ultimately, I’d like to become a full time photographer when the kids are all in school and eventually combine my photography business with PictureIt Creations since they do compliment each other.

 PictureIt is like one of my babies, I love to see it thrive and grow and I hate to see it have hard times. I do everything as far as the company including web design, marketing, research, the actual orders, customer service, shipping and obviously the bookkeeping.  My husband is great at helping where he can too.   He helps with engraving and ideas, research, equipment and problem solving.  As if we aren’t busy enough, we also have two other companies – Dynamic Installations & Services which is my husband’s electrical contractor shop and Dynamic Sign Company which is a newer endeavor we took on recently.

Well, I’ve succumbed to the stereotypical Stay at home mom lifestyle in a sense that I enjoy the daytime drama shows.  I get off track and my Grandma can always fill me in….yes, I’ve grown up watching ABC soaps.  And of course, you can’t watch ABC and not be addicted to Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice.  I love Castle too.

As mentioned before, Photography is a big time hobby for me.  I didn’t care for it much before I had kids.  I started with a Sony Cybershot.  I played with the settings and tried different poses and different areas of photography with my pocket sized camera.  Then for my anniversary gift one year, my husband bought me a Canon 40D, the camera my Father in law had and I had been drooling over for about a year.  A few months later is when I decided to go to school for it so I could take it to the next level.

I love photos. I love editing them.  I love making gifts with them.  I love sharing them.  I love taking them.  I love making slideshows with them.  This would include my horrible skills of scrapbooking.  I’m better with the digital scrapbooking.  I really believe photos make the best gifts.  I mean, seriously, have you ever given a photo pendant to your mom and she reciprocate with “That’s not the one I wanted” 
Some of my favorite things in life...
Orange Pop - any brand, I don't care.  This has carried over into Root Beer as well.  I believe it started as a pregnancy craving and never went away.  Add vanilla ice cream to either and ....mmmmmm, excuse me while I go grab a pop.

Internet -  God forbid a storm brings my internet down!!!!  I spend very much of my free time on the internet.  It’s mostly for my networking and crafty research.  But, I do like the Facebook games too.  I have also become very much addicted to web design and coding (self taught of course). So, take this as your warning, the look of this blog may change frequently.  And if something isn’t working right, try again in 5 minutes – may be in the process of tinkering with something.

Fonts – If I had to guess, I’d say I have a few thousand fonts.  Of course, I have the few that came with my computer. I download them from the internet.  I’ve collected them from other artists that were giving them away as specials. I also received MANY from my photo editing software.  

Elvis Presley – He himself isn’t an addiction but the collection of things related to Elvis is my addiction.  I’ve been a huge fan since as far back as I can remember.  So, I’ve been working on the collection for quite some time.  I’ve got posters, puzzles, ornaments, post cards, clocks, socks, oh nevermind, I’ll never even be able to list everything I have.  With the onset of child bearing and having to keep around enough laundry and toys to keep them maintained, my Elvis collection has moved to storage and my addiction is currently in remission (for now).

Socks – I have a pair of socks for almost every holiday.  I have no idea where this addiction has started but it’s a fun one.

Handmade shopping – I used to sell my items on eBay.  I won’t get into an eBay bashing post so I’ll just leave it at that.  I gladly closed my ebay shop and sold strictly on Etsy.  I later discovered Artfire and Zibbet.  I also do A LOT of networking on Facebook and now twitter.  So I’ve joined quite a few handmade communities where we help promote each other.  In this process, I’ve made so many great online friends around the world and I’ve come across so many ideas for the future that includes one of a kind and handmade items.

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