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PR Friendly

Interested in doing a review/giveaway of your products?
I provide honest and quality reviews that will appeal to my readers.  If you would like me to review one of your items, I will need to receive an item to try personally in my home.  I will write an honest review and post as soon as I feel I have had an adequate amount of time to get full use of the item(s).  There are no fees or compensation for me to post your reviews.

Items that I would be interested in reviewing and would spark the interest of my readers:
  • Gift items for any holiday or event
  • Personalized gifts (not included personalized gifts similar to what is sold in my shop)
  • Handmade items that may or may not be sold on Etsy, Artfire, Zibbet, etc.
  • Household items for cleaning, cooking, organization, etc.
  • Baby/Mother items such as clothes, diapering, teething, development, etc.
  • Family friendly items such as books, toys, keepsakes, clothes, etc.
  • Photography items such as props, printing services, etc.
  • Online memberships to photo storage, editing & sharing, etc.
I will include any links you'd like my readers to follow such as blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

Giveaways are not required for me to post a review, however, they are recommended.  Giveaways give readers an incentive to actually visit your sites and follow where possible, instead of just reading the post.  Giveaways are to be 100% free to the winner.  There is never a fee or shipping costs associated with giveaways.  For such items where you'd prefer to receive a shipping fee in return, please consider giving away a gift certificate for them to use at a later date.  Most of my readers are from the United States.  Please specify if you need to limit your giveaway to certain regions, otherwise, I will assume it is open to worldwide contestants.

I use Rafflecopter to host my giveaways for my readers to easily enter the drawing to win.  A winner will be randomly chosen within 48 hours of the contest ending via Rafflecopter or Giveaway Tools.  you will be notified with the information of the winner to make direct contact with the winner and make arrangements for delivery.

The following list are more common ways for contestants to enter the giveaway.  None of these are required but, I will need to be provided with each of the links for them to the included in the entries.  Either of them can be made as mandatory entries for the contest.  By default, each of the entries will count for ONE entry into the contest.  Please note if you'd like any of them to count for more than ONE entry.  Each of the entries are subject to your own verification.  There is no limit on the ways or the number entries to enter the contest.
  • Follow your blog on GFC
  • Like your Facebook Fan Page
  • Follow on Twitter
  • Join on LinkedIn
  • Visit your shop and respond with a favorite item or something they learned on your site.
  • Favorite your Etsy, Artfire or Zibbet shops.
The following entries will be included in ALL contest entry forms and will count for ONE entry:
  • Follow Thought that Counts on Facebook
  • Follow Thought that Counts on Twitter
  • Follow Thought that Counts on Pinterest
  • Follow PictureIt Creations on Facebook
  • Follow PictureIt Creations on Twitter
  • Follow PictureIt Creations on Pinterest
  • Subscribe to email updates from The Thought that Counts
Sponsor Benefits
A button for your company will be added to the sponsors section on the side bar of the blog.  If a button isn't provided, your logo will be taken from your website(s).  The button will remain on the sidebar for a minimum of one month after the giveaway has been posted.

In addition to our blog readers, your review/giveaway will be shared on Facebook, Twitter (@TTCGiftBlog and @Justpictureit), Pinterest, Google+ and various other social media accounts and blogging communities.

Product Review & Giveaway: FREE
Product Giveaway: $15
  • TTC hosts a giveaway with no product to review
  • Sidebar button included for one month
Logo or button placed on side bar: $5/mo
Featured Handmade Shop Post: $25

  • TTC will post about your entire shop, items with interview questions
  • Sidebar button included for one month
  • Featured shop in our Shop Hop Monday for one month
  • Include information about sales, promotions, new products, etc.
  • Free giveaway with your blog feature. (Optional)

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